About Us 


We are Claude and Kimberly Walker, a husband and wife team and founders of Abundant Life Adventure Club. We are also your adventure guides! 

About two years ago, we were "not so outdoorsy" people.  We were not exposed to outdoor activities growing up in West Tennessee. We didn't know where to go, how to stay safe, what to wear, or who to go with. 


So we decided to try a guided hike offered by a nearby state park. We enjoyed our hike, but we felt a lack of connection to the people in the group.  We craved meaningful connections with a diverse group of people in addition to exploring a variety of new experiences. We created Abundant Life Adventure Club to help "not so outdoorsy" people overcome the barriers to participating in outdoor recreation activities while inspiring exploration, community, and wellness. 

We are certified in Wilderness First Aid to ensure the safety of our guests.  As a health professional, Kimberly loves teaching others the therapeutic benefits of nature and meditation. As a project manager and former collegiate athlete, Claude is passionate about helping guests gain new perspectives and accomplishments; all while capturing awesome photos of their experience.  We have lived in Nashville for the last 8 years and have discovered so many adventures in the area that are exciting, challenging, and fulfilling.