Our Story


We are Claude and Dr. Kim Walker, a husband and wife team and founders of Abundant Life Adventure Club. We are also your adventure guides! 

Wellness through outdoor recreation has transformed our lives! We haven't always been "outdoor people" however.  A few years ago, we decided to make a major lifestyle change resulting in Claude losing 100 lbs. This inspired us to look for ways to sustain healthy living through outdoor recreation activities.


In the fall of 2017, we went on our first hike, guided  by a nearby state park. We enjoyed our hike, but quickly noticed an opportunity to include a diverse groups of people in meaningful connection with the outdoors in a community. 


So we created Abundant Life Adventure Club to empower people of color to live healthier through spending time in nature and participating in outdoor recreation experiences.

We are certified in Wilderness First Aid to ensure the safety of our members.  As a doctor of occupational therapy, Kimberly loves teaching others the therapeutic benefits of nature and meditation. With experience as a health coach and former collegiate athlete, Claude is passionate about helping members gain new perspectives and accomplishing wellness goals they never thought would be possible!

Abundant Life Adventure Club, LLC.


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