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to make your active lifestyle better

Getting outdoors and adding adventure to your lifestyle does really good things for you. But it can be hard to find people to be adventurous with that you instantly connect with.  

Abundant Life Adventure Club makes it easy for you to get outdoors to be active and have fun with the community you've been looking for. 

Our members no longer struggle with 

  • Having friends to venture out with.

  • Feeling alone or unsafe while outdoors.

  • Letting inexperience stop them from trying new things

What Our Members Say


I love this group! They lead us in mindfulness exercises and meditation which gives us time to really appreciate the environment.
Abundant Life Adventure Club will change your life!


I’ve always been interested in hiking, kayaking, and waterfalls but never had an opportunity to pursue  these things until joining Abundant Life Adventures Club. 
You will not be disappointed!


Great experiences. Perfect for those who love nature and looking to meet new people. If you want to clear your mind, ease your spirit, and get a good workout in the process then this is for you.

Getting Involved is Simple

1. Join

Choose a membership type that best suits you.

2. Show Up

 You'll be guided from start to finish and provided with everything you need.

3.  Have Fun

Meet new people and learn new things while turning strangers into friends.

We were nominated for Best Outdoor Club in Blue Ridge  Outdoors Magazine

Your Guides

Claude + Dr. Kim Walker


We know what it feels like to look for new ways to stick with an active lifestyle. In 2017, we committed to live healthier and more active and lost a combined 140 pounds. As health professionals, we knew in order to make our active lifestyles sustainable that we needed to get active outside of the gym, find our tribe, and add some fun variety.  

Outdoor recreation was the solution and transformed our lives. We haven't always been "outdoor people" however. Our exposure to outdoor recreation was once limited to only traditional sports in urban parks. We know the challenges of trying to figure out where to go, who to go with, and how to stay safe. 

We created Abundant Life Adventure Club to help people of color live an active lifestyle through positive exposure to outdoor recreation with ease. 

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